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Originally posted by lo bux racer@Oct 4 2005, 04:27 PM
Yeah, I love that term. I still wonder which magazine thought that one up. It's not a snap anything, it's compression braking on a FWD with a manual gearbox.

You really need a different attitude about driving to daily drive a manual. If you are annoyed by having to constantly think about what you are doing and why, stick with the auto. If you don't like the car slowing very quickly and possibly dramatically when you just lift off the gas, don't get a manual.

If you're a control freak and feel that no automated system created so far can accurately anticipate your needs, then you are the ideal fit for a manual.
lol... the gear boxes can tell a lot about their drivers.

i am phillip, and i have a problem. i am a control freak.
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