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Yeah, Lo Bux, but which hand do you apply your mascara with?

I must have anticipated needs I don't even know about, because I have happily driven an automatic my whole life. Nevertheless, I asked my BF to teach me how to drive his stick truck. He was not successful in that endeavor. I think he just had zero patience with me and never let me practice at all before throwing me out in traffic.

I am very athletic but found it harder than I thought, esp. coupled with my fear of either 1. destroying his new truck, 2. crashing his new truck, 3. killing us both and others on the road. In the end, not worth it.

He had the gall to say he had never known anyone who, 1. had driven their whole life and never learned a stick, or 2. had any trouble learning a stick. He said it was because it was a truck (I have driven trucks), I am a woman, I am dense. Needless to say, he is an EX. He is a man, he is dense because he no longer has me, and I have an automatic tC. So, what do I need with his manual Ford truck? I am perfectly happy.
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