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Downforce is seeking one project car to use for the duration of 2 months or less. Design is strictly confidential and will be disclosed only after we have selected your vehicle.

In order to save everyone's time here are the guidelines:
1.) Your car must have never been involved in any accident.
2.) Your car must have the factory body panels.
3.) You must be the first and only owner of the vehicle.
4.) You must live within Southern California.
5.) Your car must never had any major paint work.

The rules are simple, we like you to be nearby so you can see the progress of your vehicle. You must be the first and only owner as to verify that the car has never had any bodywork or repaint. Factory panels on the car are manadatory to ensure the fitment of the car. Our products are designed solely around fitment issues. Our product have the best fitment quality on the market. We do professional commercial work for other companies and the government. Our main income base is from prototyping services. Companies that seek the best fitment come to us.

Here is your perks if choosen:
You will receive free installation and paint.
You will personally receive lifetime product support.
We can get you sponsors if you choose to go to car shows.
We can get you coverage.

If you are interested email me at [email protected] with the subject line: PROJECT CAR - SCION TC or else your email might get deleted.

After this process we can set up a meeting to discuss. As for the design the car will have new front bumper, hood, front fenders* (TBA), side skirts, rear bumper, rear trunk* (TBA). This will not be a widebody kit and not of a GT Design like our DF product. This car will be marketed under D:O trademark. The car will look like a factory clean car, no super low lips, no 10 vents in the front bumper, etc. We will follow factory lines and only enchance them. This is all I can tell you guys for now.
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Do you have a website for your other products?
yup, I'd love to see other work you guys have done.
Downforce, I just took it out of his email address.
Wow. a company thats willing to give product away to their testers. I knew there was one out there, good show!

Hell, I'm not in southern ca, but I'd still order from them based on that business model.
Looks like they have one car completed for sure. Interesting, but a bit scary.
Hello thank you for the response. You can see our website at, however it has not been completed nor updated. Our main source of income is providing prototyping services for other companies. We have done numerous vehicles that when to the SEMA show this year in vegas. We have done plenty of work for nearby businesses such as Disney, TRD, HPD, TAP and etc. This year we will be working with Ford and Mazda direct. We are doing the finishing touches on the Toyota Supra JGTC kit. Which will be released in April of this year. As I noted before, the design will be very clean and will not require any major modification. We want to make this as simple as we can to our buyers. Our current plan is to provide 3 type of kits. We will however like to start on the clean concept design, then the GT design, and lastly the simple add on lip kit. If you guys are interested I can offer you substantial discount if you would like to purchase in the near future, or even provide sponsorships if you participate in car clubs or shows. We are very generous to our sponsorees and most of all we like to work with car enthusiants such as yourselves.
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The reason I asked is because I own a Supra. I'd enjoy contributing, but I live in NorCal. JGTC Supras do look impressive, even more so than the TRD widebody kit. Are you entering the Scion market as more of a volume business, or do you intend to keep it exclusive?

Your price structure is extremely reasonable, if I were in So Cal, I'd be keen on assisting.
Hi Lance,
The scion will be a volume business for us. The reason for this is because DF had been bought out by me. In return I had to give up all the contracted work we had for years. This new volume business is to keep us afloat so we can develop other high end cars. As for our DF pricing structure that will go down as well. We are now more affordable to everyone, and our quality will not be compromised.
if i only still lived there instead of in sacramento, i would be at your doorstep. for everything we are doing up here, we could send a ton of business your way. damn the distance.
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