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You will need to connect the wiring harness, and the plug that goes to your double din aftermarket radio. Wire to wire. I've seen people use butt connectors and crimpers for ease... if so I would recommend sealing every connection with electric tape. All those wires so close is a good way to blow fuses and start a fire lol. I personally use solder, just to ensure a good connection that doesn't look like a three year old did it. You may have left over wires depending on what the radio offers, if so DONT LEAVE EXPOSED COPPER. electrical tape or something. Im not an expert, but I've done this before. You can look up what the radio wires mean if colors look funky to match up, or if you have a speaker not working properly. Definitely cuts down the process. And make sure to test the connections before you put the whole thing back together.. Its also good in the end to wrap the wire harness together at the ends so it doesn't isolate a wire if any tension is to get on the harness and potentially break a connection. Little bit of a twirl to your wires will help with both the isolation problem I mention and cosmetically you won't have a rats nest in your dash lol. If it doesn't work, make sure to check your radio fuse too lol.
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