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Door speakers mounted in good.

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I bought a set of used TC door speakers to place in the rear speaker area. It took some work to get them in, but the sound was worse, not better. None of the bass you normally hear from the door speakers. My guess is that the stock system sends more power to the door speakers (where its needed for bass response) and less to the back seat speakers. I was disappointed, but thought I'd go ahead and post this in case there are others out there that considered trying the same thing.
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Two things, first the door kind of acts like its own enclosure so you wont get the same bass response in the back as in the front. The backs are actually open to the trunk. Second the ones you bought could have something wrong with them. Either of these things could be the problem or neither?
By the way did you blow the rears or something? Why did you mess with retrofitting cheap OEM's fronts over ther rears.
Well then thats not the problem. Revert to the first evaluation.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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