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Door speakers mounted in good.

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I bought a set of used TC door speakers to place in the rear speaker area. It took some work to get them in, but the sound was worse, not better. None of the bass you normally hear from the door speakers. My guess is that the stock system sends more power to the door speakers (where its needed for bass response) and less to the back seat speakers. I was disappointed, but thought I'd go ahead and post this in case there are others out there that considered trying the same thing.
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Doh. Sorry to here that. What's next?
Hey Braves Fan!!! Sure do appreciate your help in all this... Don't have much planned, except an idea I had for hiding the cable on the radar detector. I don't like the way the cable looks up on the dash.
Two things, first the door kind of acts like its own enclosure so you wont get the same bass response in the back as in the front. The backs are actually open to the trunk. Second the ones you bought could have something wrong with them. Either of these things could be the problem or neither?
By the way did you blow the rears or something? Why did you mess with retrofitting cheap OEM's fronts over ther rears.
The ones he was trying to install did not have anything wrong with them. I know this, because I tested them before I sent them to him.
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Well then thats not the problem. Revert to the first evaluation.
I ran the wiring for my Sirius Sportster and my radar detector so it was hidden. The wiring runs from the fuse box up under the door trim up one side of the A pillar, across the cut (stuffed in) and down the other... I found no good way of running it across the A pillar near the bottom. Then it was just a matter of tucking it in again along the edge until the windshield, where I just pushed it down as far as it would go until the middle of the dash where it runs back towards the front (towards the radio) which is where the Sirius is mounted.

For the radar detector, instead of running it back down the A pillar, I ran it across and underneath the roof lining where it meets the windshield, then down the few inches (exposed) where my detector is mounted above the mirror. I'll see if I can get a few pics.

By the way, the wiring in the fuse box: the positive I put an end on (plug) and plugged it into one of the open blades on the wiring block (where no fuse was, the side that was powered - exposed by pulling the cover off underneath and to the left of the steering wheel) and the ground I connected to an existing ground screw that was accessed by unscrewing and popping of the plastic trim next to the clutch/foot rest. Then I ran it left right into the trim and went up from there.

You can't see anything except for the last few inches where the wire plugs into the devices. I'll see if I can get some pics at some point.
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