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Does anyone else have a aftermarket HU

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I am trying to get brand and model HU that will fit the scion and allow the door to shut. Both my jvc and alpine I had didnt work. Any sugestions?
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My Panasonic fits fine.
Do you have a model? I was kinda figuring panasonic in general since the factory is one. Thanks for the info =)
Isn't the factory stereo a Pioneer? Now Panasonic make the stereo AND the roof?
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The factory HU is a Pioneer. My head unit is the Panasonic MXE CQ-C8400U.
An Alpine HU will work, it definitely works in my car. You just need to install it without the black trim that comes with the HU. If you mount it flush with your install kit it will fit just fine.
yeah anything will work as long as you dont mind either buying the mounting kit, or drilling holes that make it flush into the factory brackets
I have a sony and it fits great. I got an install kit from a company called Metra. The Sony I have has a big face to . About an inch in front of the mount. You might check to see if yours is lined up right.
I installed a pioneer deh-p4500mp using a metra kit and the door still closes. I could have used the stock bracket but I had to drill holes on the bracket as Soundguy said.

Here is the picture:
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I am a little lost on the bracket part. When I bought the harnes and mounting kit I didnt get any breackets. Because of this I hooked the facotry up to the subs but it sounds like ####. The base hits like 6 by 9s and its just horrid.
You all use a Metra kit. Where can I purchase one of these from? I whent to a few stores to see if they had them and no one around me has any kind of kit for scion tc.
^^^ Buy it from Crutchfield.
Hey guys.
I want to say thanks for the help and with it I got a after market HU in there. I guess what I was running into was 1. the headunit I had stuck out too far from the brackets ( so I got another ) and 2 the harness I have is the wrong one for the scion, so with a little faness she sounds great!. Thanks again
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