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To all my readers wht it do...

I guess this would be my first DIY project. I got the following...

1. 1 roll of red transucent vinyl (candy red)
2. A box of windows tinting utility thing, that I got from Autozone for $9 which includes, a spray bottle (which I'm sure u have one layin around ur house), a sucky box cutter (I prefer xacto, but too bad I left it at work), and 2 squeeges.
3. A bottle of windex, or any cleanning fluid that cleans surfaces.
4. A tamplate of my 3rd brake light, and the reverse light.
5. Blow Dryer

First step: Clean the surface with windex, or anyother surface cleaner. (I think this is the most important part, becuz it will leave little dots if is not clean enough)

Second step: Mixed a bit of windex inside the spray bottle, and then mix it w/water. (U can pour more water than the amount of windex that u poured in)... then spray maybe about 1 shot of it on the surface

Third step: Take the red vinyl n peel it off completely, n apply on it 1 shot. (Other people will keep peeling and re-applying becuz they have lots of fluids on the surface, but i find it to be easier n quicker to just do it 1 shot, comes out better that way i think)

Fourth step: Use the squeege n lightly glide over the surface, the reason lightly is becuz it will stratch the vinyl if u press on it hard. N just make sure there's no bubbles or wrinkles. (Most of the time u will get wrindles instead of bubbles since this is such a small surface.)

Fifth step: Blow dry it lightly pretty much on the corners n edges. This step I think is really not necessary becuz there's not much curves on the 3rd brake light n the reserve light. But do it just incase.

Sixth step: Use the xacto blade or anyother blade that is fresh (new), n cut the extras off from an angle (45 degrees)

There u have it... the easiest DIY that makes a huge difference (in my opinion)

I decided not to buy the pre-made red overlays from the online sources, as they charged just about the price that i bought the whole roll of red transulcent vinyl for, since i have lots of experience applying vinyls.

If ur in the NYC area, I would love do it for ur car for free of charge, just a token of my appreciation to the forum. Just give me $2 for the vinyl money

For the people that are not in the nyc area n are interested in the red transucent vinyl which i pre-cut the templates allready, I still have a whole bunch yet since I bought the whole roll. I'm planning to sell it for $3 3rd brake light, and $3 for both reverse light.

to admins, if I'm not allowed to sell stuff over the forum, as it might interfer w/our sponsors, let me know n I will edit my post

Pics will be coming soon, maybe in a day or two. I only have the RED (CANDY RED) color, I don't have smoked color or any other, I just bought a whole roll of red, n would like to share thats all ...

thanks to all... wzup to all the nyc people, wzup to eddnog


: EDIT: (took these pics at night, they're way better lookin in day liight)

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