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DemonEyez tib no more

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So you're blaming a BMW for giving you room to pull out?

I'm confused.

Regardless, yet another example of people speeding when they shouldn't. I bet this is the first time he's ever lost control of his car.
Damn... I hope everyone's okay.... how did it happen? I couldn't get through the pics - they're too big - chokin' my computer at work
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Originally posted by Eric@Oct 1 2004, 03:15 PM
Damn... I hope everyone's okay.... how did it happen? I couldn't get through the pics - they're too big - chokin' my computer at work
basically the toyota was going 55+ in what a the time was a 25mph school zone. he was coming up a hill and so me being already half way through the road pulling out. wham.

guy didnt see me. his passenger had to tell him that hey theres a car pulled out stop.

so yeah.

not blaming the bmw.. but once the wreck happened the bmw guy just took off. like i had just spun off the road and he angled his way between the toyota and me and just went.

I dont blame the bmw, but he could have a least stayed as a witness or asked if we were o.k.. but nope.

and yeah first time my car did something i didnt want it to do. : (
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Are you getting a new car or going to try to get it fixed...
omg, i hate ppl, hope you're ok man, and i hope everything works out, cuz remember everything cant all go bad, eventually itll balance out and youll be in a nice new ride
yeah im already planning on a 2005 tib 6 speed. my dealership is basically a bunch of good friends. the gm is gonna hook me up on as low of a price he can get. he will do it himself to take away salesman commission cost etc. then throw on the rebates etc. im looking at 16 for a brand new 2005 fully loaded when they are released. : )

he of course wants me to have one as well cus I am promoting his dealership via setting up meets thruout atlanta for rick case and bringing him business via friends, connections + aftermarket support to the company. I deal parts, and when one of their customer mentions a part, they refer him to me and i refer them to have it installed there.

so its a good relationship. but yeah i know your right it will balance out.

SilverX: hopefully they wont even TRY To fix it. the entire frame is 1 foot out of place at least the roof is bent, other side got dented etc. tranny is all fubared, rear suspension is gone. Hell i might even sue someone cus my side impact air bag didnt work. wtf. the DOOR is PUSHING aginst my seat. comeon. It came in so far it hit my arm/shoulder area.
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hey demon, im glad too hear all of that =), hope ur new car is better than ur last, and i hope the other guy pays for the car =) haha, once you get ur new car please write a diy for the demon eyes =) with pictures of course =)
the demoneyes were built for the car. so the install was just open headlights pop em in. then wire em. wiring was the hardest part honestly.

the same guy who makes the angel/demon eyes for the tib is working on TC ones. of course hard part is what looks good as the tc headlights dont have the circular ring like the tibs do.
P.S i found a 94 supra twin turbo 6 speed targa. : ) 83k miles for cheap. : ) if the paper work goes thru fast enough and its still for sale thats my new vehicle. if not 2005 tib.
sorry, but im performance minded. : ) and the tib def wins out there especially with the parts im producing myself.
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