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Decals Are Available!

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The decals are finally here! If you would like to sport a decal to support the site, you can get one here...

URL Decals

So far, the one style available is the site's URL in 7" silver vinyl. The decals are die cut and they look great!
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yah, it looks great there actually... I saw them placed there today coming soon hopefully
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Hmmm...I ordered one, but if they look good in the back side window I guess I'll have to get another.
Looking forward to the pics!
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yeah, order a pair. put a pair on mine yesterday, looks nice against the tint. subtle, which i like.
sorry, i left my camera at home today or i would send them to you, eric. i took a couple last night that turned out good. send them your way tonight?
yah, sure whenever you can... The one on the decal page is off of my back window... it was at just the right angle to not have any glare (or a reflection of me) & the clouds looked cool too. I would like to put up some pictures from whoever puts 'em on their cars as examples
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This is the only one so far... on my back window for display/photo purposes...

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Here's a pic of my pass rear window with the decal applied. It looks pretty clean, and like I-God said, subtle. I'll take a few more and post later.

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Yeah, I definitely like it....plain, simple, but attractive too.
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thanks for the installed pic!

I'm about to order some. Anyway you could get them in white down the road? I'd buy again.
Unfortunately, I have to buy 'em in lots of 100 to get a good price, but I'd like to start getting other colors as soon as possible, but I need to go through some of the silver ones first
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No problem... did you get my order?
I did get your order, and I have the decals sitting right here on my desk... I've been tearing through boxes looking for the printer's power cable (usually include a letter), but I'll just bring 'em to work tomorrow & make sure they get sent out so you don't have to wait any longer

of course, I can't find envelopes now, but I'll come up w/ something

Sorry for the delay...

**edited to add that I found the envelopes... next up: stamps
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LOL... no hurry! I just can't wait to get them!
I got my stickers today. I put them on... white would look better, but the silver is fine. Thanks again!
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