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decals and fading

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all you guys with the decals and putting them on that black part of the rear window, becasue it is black, will that black part fade and then in like 5 years when the decal peals off will it leave the words permanently faded into the black part? would it be similar to a non-clear bra being put on the front of the car?
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i fear of that happening... im not a fan of putting decals/stickers on cars...but thats just me
Hmm... never really thought of that. Interesting.....
I dunno. If it does, I'll put something else there...
that would be a really cool effect. like ghost letters or something.
you could put another "" decal there, but stagger it a little so it looks like it has a drop shadow
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heres hoping that doesnt happen. but if it does, i'll just sue eric for the cost of new windows...

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it wont do that on glass... only on paint (and really only on dark colors of paint)... and it will take years...

I wouldnt even worry about it.

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