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I want to take the tC off my rear end but i'm not sure how to do it without scratching the car. Any tips?
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Taken from zoltiz. BTW there has been at least 1 post about this...

Debadging the "tC":

1. Select a nice hot day, park in the sun, let the area around the emblem get as
warm as possible (or use a hairdryer)

2. Pry the emblem off with your fingers (try to leave as much adhesive on the
emblem as possible).

2.1 If simple "prying" does not work - use floss to "saw" through the adhesive.

3. Clean up the mess: try to remove as much lefover adhesive as possible with
your fingers, the rest comes off with any adhesive remover. I like the DucTape
brand adhesive remover - it smells like oranges

edit: 4. Wax the sore area.
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