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Wow i jsut got word back from my dealer that i have not even placed a order on my new scion tc when i was told 4 weeks ago that they didnt not have the car i wanted. so i changed the color and a few options so i could get it in 2 more weeks... so its been two weeks and i call. now they say that i never palced a order for my F/M tc. wtf is this crap. now they say if i order now it will be months before i ever get my 5spd m tc no matter the color or option..... should i go down there and shoot all of them??? if so whos in for a free tc. lol just playing but id like for you people who might preside in Austin TX do not do your deals threw Charles Maund Scion/Toyota. They have just had there whole krew quit/fired so i dont know whats going on there. Ive been wandering if i should report this to the BBB. welp got this off my chest now to go rant at scion its self...

pissed off -john
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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