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dealer sticker

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Just wondering if there is any trick to taking off the sticker the dealer puts on your car for their advertising. Can you just peel it off or do you need some special product?
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i just took off my dealer's sticker yesterday. it wasn't a whole sticker like a bumper sticker, but just sticky letters. after having the car parked in the sun for a couple hours, the heat was enough to loosen up the adhesive and i just picked it off with my fingers. used some goo gone to clean up what was left behind.
it can just peel off I requested mine w/o and they did it that way...
Originally posted by ycart1201@Aug 9 2004, 05:25 PM
gotta love goo gone.

gotta love goo............
Originally posted by LoopyLady_1@Aug 9 2004, 04:47 PM
Check out this post:

Not exactly the same idea. Here's what I do. Make a solution of dish soap and water about 4:1 ratio (4 parst water to 1 part soap). Soak the sticker and let it sit. then just peel it away carefully. You can also try a hair dryer or heat gun and heat it up to loosen the adhesive. Good luck!
Oh my bad...thought by "sticker" they still meant "decal".
can anyone tell where to get goo gone? i went to rs strauss today and they had no clue what i was talking about and just told me to use wd40 do get it off, but i'd rather use this fabulous goo gone everyone is raving about
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I've seen it just about everywhere... supermarkets, hardware stores, etc. There's also Goof Off I think... not sure if one is stronger or more harmful than the other though.
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