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That's just a question that you have to ask yourself--how badly do you wan't a tC? Obviously since you found this forum, I'm going to guess you want one rather badly. With your dealer, no.. I HIGHLY doubt he's trying to scam you, or pull the wool over your eyes. Someone probably custom ordered a tC, and then changed their mind, thus another dealer has one with more options just sitting on the lot.

I had something similar happen when I ordered my 06 BSP Manual tC. My dealer found one on a lot with no options, but I wanted a fresh one from Japan with no "test driven" miles on it. Any car sitting on a lot most likely has miles allready on it. I waited a month to ensure my car was fresh from Japan. It was worth it IMO.

And to anyone who thinks a few miles on a tC aren't that bad when picking one off the lot... let's just say that when I went to test drive a tC (which was an 05 Azure Pearl 5-speed), I only put about 10 miles on her, but probably really put a couple thousand on. I know that's not good for a car at all, but hey, that's why they have extras sitting on the lot, and I wanted to know what the tC was capable of.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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