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Originally posted by Turbocharged@Aug 26 2005, 05:13 PM
today i called the salesman. he told me that extra options are the lip spoiler, tyc taillights, floor mats, door sill, and carbon dashboard. it costs like $1000 more. So I decided to get that one. by end the of this month i should get it. I know i'm very impatient, i cant wait another month. i've been dreaming about this car in my sleep for many nights now.

btw, what is carbon dashboard?
carbon dash? it's a carbon fiber kit they applied to the car.. truthfully the dealer is tacking all that onto the car to make you pay more and for them to get a higher profit.. if that's what you want, then fine.. but i'd say find another dealer if you don't..

this is a big problem dealers adding all sorts of junk on then telling people that is all they can get.. what liars..
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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