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DC Sports strut bar

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Hey guys i hear sum people saying that it is an easy install, and sum people saying that its really hard. Could you guys please clear this up for me? I am not the best with installing things on cars, but I am not that bad at installing things either, please help me clear this up. thanks.
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As far as the DC strut bar goes, I also heard some people say that they had some fitment problems, which is why I haven't got one yet? Hopefully we can get things cleared up.
Spend a couple more bucks and get the Hotchkis one... it looks better too.

I installed it myself with help from my Dad. What you have to do is pop up the pins on the housing underneath the windshield wipers. Then you can get under them to access the strut bolts. Undo those bolts (You'll need a socket wrench) and take them off. Now.... the Driver's side bolts are gonna be a bit tougher. 1 of the nuts (the rear one), when loosened all the way, will be fairly flush against the housing, so you may have to jack the car up and push down on the tire so that you can pull the bolt off. Then put on the strut bar, and bolt it all back down. I would get a Torque wrench too, so you can torque the bolts back down the proper amount. It's not that hard an install..

Also, check out this:
I don't have any prior mechnical skills but I managed to install trd exhaust and injen intake with help from my friend, and after reading the instruction on this forum I figured the DC strut bar should be pretty easy to install that I can just do it myself.

Well, it took me about 45min to 1hour to install it. Had the most problem trying to take the nut out of the bolt that was partially covered by a metal plate. I managed to wiggle it out. next problem was getting the strut bar under the wiper wire. Had to remove two clips that was holding the wire to get enough space for the bar to go through. Besides those two things everything was pretty straight forward. The DC bar fits perfect, no fitment issues.
cool thanks man!
i have it installed on my car. it only took me about 15 mins. to install. pluss its a much better set up then any of the others bc it has 2 bars instead of one making it more ridged and more stable. its kind of like a bridge. the more places you mount it down to the more sturdy its gonna be.
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