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DC area anybody?

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hi neighbors.. i'm new to the DC/VA area.. just recently relocated from Philly. i'd lke to make some new friends.. and we all know tC owners are fun
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cool.. i have no idea on the proximity of that since i am new to VA but same state sounds good to me
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I'm in Fairfax Co. VA, it's about 30 min outside of dc...depending on how fast id drive
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cool... i am near fairfax... falls church area
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I live in Columbia which is only abt. 35 min out of DC.
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cool.. im gonna be goin up to MD sometime next month ... lots of great aquarium hobby stores up there
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Yeah, even though it might be a bit chilly here this December it would be cool to get some kinda Tc meet organized , nothing fancy.
yea.. that'd be cool. we could uh... do a mini tC car commercial

im washing my baby tomorrow and zaino-tizing it!
im excited
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sounds good. shoot me an email when it's getting closer to the time that you'll be in MD. If you're looking for a good aquarium store try the Aquarium Center in Randallstown, MD its one of the best that i've been to.
that's one of the places i was planning on checkin out... i have a list from a website i frequent .. they recommended a bunch of places in MD.. figure when i get some money i'll take a day and visit them all...
my tc wont come in til the first week of hoo
how long have you had yours?

im from nova too (alexandria)
i got mine in Pennsylvania... i've had it for 6 weeks.
i live in glen burnie, maryland...
I'm coming thru NoVA Wednesday night... goin to Philly for Turkey Day.
i may be heading back to philly for turkey day as well... actually passing through philly on my way to AC.. .that is IF.. a huge IF... the government declares friday an adminstrative holiday.. otherwise im stayin down here..
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My g/f works for the state & she has off Friday
well they haven't given us the official word yet... but im hoping they will soon so i can make plans to drive home
Welcome to the Meto Area...........I'm in Bowie Maryland.
SW TC 5 spd.
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