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Data recorders, aka "Black box recorders"

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I posted this at another scion website.. but thought i'd get some reaction at this forum as well.. i always get good input here.. Was going through's website and found this about data recorders, aka "black boxes".. that record what you've done with your car before an accident, etc.. and the police can download this info.. use it against you in court..

"And Toyota reports that all its '05 models except Scion xA and xB, Lexus IS300, Tacoma, Tundra, and GX470 have EDRs. These black boxes are mounted under the seat, behind the center console or in the instrument panel, varying from one vehicle to another."

So if i read this right, then the tC has this recorder also? Anyone who knows.. let me know..

here's the link if you'd like to read about it..
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Not only can cop's use it againt you, you can use it against them or someone else who claims that you hit them or something. Black Box's are a double edged sword.
Hmmm....what kinda' info do they record? Speed, braking, turning, signaling, etc?

Sounds like something I wouldn't mind having (or don't mind having, if the tC already comes with it....) mainly b/c if I'm at fault then I'm gonna' take responsibility, but it's nice to have the box there to defend me if I'm not to blame.
Also, if you're in an accident and would like to info to defend yourself, but your car wasn't wrecked....would Toyota/Scion give you the location of the box (via your VIN#) so you can find it without having to tear your car to bits?
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