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dash near the clutch

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dunno if just my tc or w/ others too

i have a MT and got it 2 weeks ago, after driving it for a couple times i realized my foot would get caught under the dash and get stuck and wont be able to lift the clutch =/ anyone else have a problem like that too?
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Shoe size? Though I'm 11 - no problem here at all. Heard that people with huge feet still did not get any problems. Try playing with seat position.
I had issues with it at first, but learned to lower my foot a little and it stopped completely. Barefoot works well to if it's legal in your state to drive barefoot.
I used to have that problem until I was told by manual veterans that you're only supposed to use your toes and the ball of your foot to push in the clutch, never the entire foot so that you can have more control over it. But yeah, I think there's nothing wrong with ur dash, cuz I've had the same problem with more than one car before.
That's really weird. I've never had any trouble, not even when I'm wearing my big steel toe work boots. I use the ball of my foot, and I keep my heel on the floorboard, just kinda pivot it.
Haven't had a problem and my shoes are size 12.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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