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Dash Cover

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I recently saw that there is a site or perhaps a store that sells custom Dash Covers to protect your dash against say the sun light. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?
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This looks pretty good. They let you pick from a selected list of logos/monograms (sadly the Scion logo is not listed however if you email them they may be willing to do it for you) and you can type in any wording you want-things that are not already copyrighted that is (ie. Scion). And they also offer custom floor mats matching the dash cover. Hope that helps.
That's awesome! I can get a dash cover for my tC and put an Impala logo on it!
I wanna glue miniatures and bobbleheads to mine... Mine's gonna say "El Camino"
I want mine to say "Dash covers went out with disco"

Or, "Vote for Jimmy Carter"

lol..ok I get the point but jeez I was just trying to help the guy out.
I think they throw in the bobbling head dog free with that cover.
Originally posted by LaDolceVita@Feb 22 2005, 06:01 PM
lol..ok I get the point but jeez I was just trying to help the guy out.
And you did - we just can't help ourselves
At least you don't throw a fit. LoL
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Constructive criticism is always welcome...And then there's sarcasm-never leave home without it.
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Mine's permanently attached to me with a chain.
Doesn't it hold your spine together these days?
Some days it's the only thing that keeps me going.
I like your sarcasm & humor, Lab.
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