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Dash cleaning

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I found that the Zaino products, esp. the car wash, are incredible and easy, and the Armorall tire cleaner, just spray on, wait 60 seconds and wash off, did a fantastic job. BUT the Armorall Protectant Wipes left a two-toned dashboard. Looks like part of it is greasy. Did I not use enough, or shouldn't have used it at all? I am now leery of using it again. Maybe just a slightly damp, cotton terry cloth towel will be better in the future, huh?
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do a search on this....and u will see armor all is extrememly greasy...
Greasy, picks up dirt and makes it stick, lots of other nasty things. I never use Armor All on dashboards (or anywhere on the interior). I just use a damp cloth with car wash on it unless I am trying to remove something greasy, then I use Dawn on a damp towel. If you want your dash to last a very long time, put up a sunshade or use a car cover.
I've always heard that regular Armorall is bad stuff, but the cleaning wipes are okay. I've used 'em & they work well enough. For regular dusting; however, I highly recommend the little hand held Swiffer dusters... I went to Kragen yesterday to get some more cleaning wipes & while I was being ignored by those behind the counter suppsedly there to sell you stuff, I noticed the new Mr. Clean Auto Dry kit comes w/ a duster & it clicked! Hey, we have a swiffer duster & that's all I need! So, I looked at the nearest clerk, shook my head, put the wipes down and left the store... A couple minutes after I got home, my car's dash & doors were dust-free

I knew this didn't need a background story, but I hate bad service, so F*** Kragen!
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I've used one of the Swiffer Dusters as well and it did a decent job but i also did it pretty quickly.
two words:

micro-fiber towel

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The Armor All Cleaning Wipes (purple lid) don't have the glossing agent and keep your dash looking the same as it did when you drove off the lot. I use it on the everything in the interior, including the fabric and my OBX pedals.
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303 Aerospace Protectant. I use it on the dash and all rubber/plastic surfaces. Cleans and protects against UV damage.
I have been using the orange glo armor all cleaning wipes. Makes my car dust free and smell good, and it does not change the color of the dash.
Stoners Dash and Trim shine is what I use...not greasy and extremely easy to apply and protects it from the sun and other elements
I just got the Meguiars NXT cockpit shine and it works great. I guess the current one is called "tech protect". Anyways, it's not greasy and not too shiny.
A moist, not soaked microfiber towel works great on our dashboards. I prefer not to use any chemicals if I can avoid it. I don't eat in my car so I dont have problems with sticky, oily, or gooey stuff. In fact, I try not to grease up anything in my car since it tends to attract dust.
I was using a swiffer to dust off my dash for the past few weeks. The problem is that the swiffer works by creating static electricity, and that just happens to charge the dash. It's been very dry and dusty here in MI and I noticed the areas where I used the swiffer collected dust like a magnet, not a little dust, tons! So its back to a damp cloth for me.
I will NEVER use Armorall Protectant again. My dash is still streaked.
I've actually heard using Silicone based products on your dash will end up drying it out faster. I just use a Dusting Cloth from Eagle One. Its a green microfiber towel that attracts dirt and dust. I will never use any sort of chemical on the inside of my car... all it does it make a mess and attract more dirt.
Originally posted by easyrider@Apr 21 2005, 11:44 AM
I will NEVER use Armorall Protectant again. My dash is still streaked.
this happened to me... what I did was use a lot more on the towel and I finally got it all done. Its the texture of the dash that makes it kind of hard. But you can get it done.
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