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I want to know what the best mod's are for the tC. I am thinking about putting some 01 design rims on my tC as soon as I get the money to. I would like to know what the people think are the good mod's.
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I'd go for the air filter change and the rear sway bar for performance and the interior light kit for sh%t and grins!

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suspension mods were where i started. strut bar, sway bar, 18" enkei's with yoko parada 225/40/ZR18's, trd springs. twm short shift. tint and some alpine gear. its coming along. custom exhaust coming next. then a clutch. finally, supercharge it.

i could start to list the specs for my project engine, but i dont know them all yet. we are starting from scratch, though.
I'm with inevitablegod here, except for 18s and audio stuff.

I did a custom short ram, but have no plans to do the exhaust - like it kinda quiet. Clutch will be done when I amd one burning the stock one. SC is a big ? - I had it on my last car and not sure that it gave me $3K worth of happiness...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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