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I want to put some kind of subwoofer into my tC, but i really can't sacrifice the cargo space (moving to phoenix next february and i need to fit as much as possible into the car
). I've seen pics of a 12" sub directly on the floor of the trunk area (with the back inside the compartment for the spare tire) but i'm not sure i really want to have to take out my spare. I was wondering if anyone knows a store or site or has pictures of a custom sub (10" or 12" doesn't matter much) that goes into the side sections of the trunk. Its the same section as the stock bazooka sub, id get that but imo bazooka subs are not worth the money...especially if the dealer is installing it.

I've also heard that all the scions have really small/weak alt's and if you put a system into it you need to get a stronger alt. This true?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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