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Custom Sub Enclosure

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I made myself this custom fiberglass enclosure. It actually sounded better than my previous particle board box.

Before - Massive particle board enclosure

Now I have more trunk space and I can get through the spare tire with no problem.

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wow sweet work how long did it take you to do that?
How did you measure the airspace of the enclosure?
It took me four days to do the whole thing.

You can measure the air space by filling it with water(so you can check for leaks too) then pour the water into a measurable container. Another way is to fill up your odd-shaped box with packaging peanuts or styrofoam and then pour the peanuts or styrofoam into a measurable container like a square carton or something similar.
looks good, but something doest look rite for some reason
^^Is it the snout where the sub was mounted that made it look like an elephant trunk that looks weird? I debated if I should do it like that or just angle it from the edge of the sub to the edge of the box but I ended up following the contour of the rear.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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