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Custom gauges

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Hello all. I dont know about you but I really dislike the amber glow on our gauges and I want to change them. There is a show on Speed tv called tuner transformation and I saw a company called black cat custom that makes the most incredible gauges I have ever seen. I emailed them about making ones for scion's and they said they need more responses in the community and more info on things we would want. They usually go for like 99 bucks but every car is different.

Also for me the stock gauges are really hard to see when the sun rises and sets, since they are black letters and numbers. I suggested like Blue gauges with white lettering and blue or red glow at night. Plus alot of colors to match the exteriors of our cars.

What do you all think. is the site check out their stuff and email the hell out of them asking about our gauges and we can get them sooner!
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Got a email back from them, they are going to go ahead and start designing the gauges, should take a couple of weeks. YES!

I'm guessing the lighting of the dash are amber leds right? If they are he said he cant tint the gauges to a deeper red. I'm crossing my fingers this will look awesome.
See this thread for how to change the color. It isn't terribly difficult.
Cool! I will definitely order those if they make them.
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