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Custom Gauges/LEDs Option..

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I'm not trying to advertise or give props to these people for I have not dealt with them. But I would like to know what do you guys think about this e-mail I was sent. Keep in mind I'd really like my interior lights replaced, I live in New Jersey(i dont know of anyone who can change them near me) and I'm not going to break things by doing it myself. Read below...

I was wondering if you guys can customize the gauges for a 2006 Scion tC. The inner amber light is not too powerful and I would like a different color all together. Please let me know any info. Thank you.

BTW, can you personalize the gauges with names?


We'll have a replacement face for the tC in about 4-6 weeks. To change the lightig color will require chainging out the amber factory leds. This is a bit of an involved process, and typically costs about $200-$250, plus the cost of the gauge face. We'll be able to give you an exact price once we have a tC cluster. This may seem a bit pricey, but it's the best way to get a factory installed look for the gauges, and the LEDs can be expected to last the life of the vehicle. Someome will eventually offr cheap indiglo type gauges for this car, but they won't have a clean factory look to them, and they are likely to need replacement every 6 months to a year. Our gauge kits can be personalized in almost any way you can imagine. We can normally add a name for no extra charge. Please check back for updates on pricing and availalbility of the tC gauge kit, or LMK if you have any questions in the mean time. Thanks!

Black Cat Custom
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wow if they ever send you anymore info, i would love to here it. i live in new york, i wouldnt mine going to new jersey if they would install ti for me
I posted about this a few months ago. I've been asking these guys when they are going to make them and they keep saying 4 weeks, 4 weeks. I cant wait for the day they actually make these. heres my post.

I got a few customers who want this done on their tC so I hope they hurry up.
HEY boost, sorry i neglected to come check your place out, i have some issues right now. anyway, is your store going to have these too? maybe i can get my seats and dash done at the same time.
No prob dude. We have the account set up with katzkin right now and just stop by whenever you want or shoot me an email.

When Black cat finally starts selling these gauges we can install them for you if you want.

Also we are an offical dealer of momo accessories and tons of other stuff. BBS, MOMO, giovanna rims. Toyo and Pirelli tires. Eibach springs, koni stuff, powerslot rotors, hawk performance brake pads.

We also are getting dash kits and other goodies too. Like a one stop shop for interior bling.
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hey boost, you do custom leather i hear???? could you give me an estimate on the tc, two tone, and 4 letters engraved in white on each seat. also, how much would you guys charge to install those gauges, and while the panel is off, you wouldnt happen to change the led's would ya? pm me back if anything. I'm just a GWB and whitestone bridge away..... (but i'm still waiting for my 06)

i have a post about the leather, and it has somewhat of an estimate from Boost. here ya go.

click here.
Thanks Hate..
Does anyone have a pic of what you are talking about? Is this just to change your leds from amber to blue? Because I live in Maryland and would be willing to change your led's for you if you want. I did it to my own tc and it looks really nice. I could probably do it for a lot less than they are asking. You provide the led's(which can be ordered from lc-led) and the car and I can replace them for like $50-$75. The car in total I think only need around 60 leds to replace everything inclinding gauges and the a/c panel. I can do whatever you want. I left my gas light, engine maint. light and others like that amber/red so that they would stand out if they turn on. Just let me know. I will be in Jersy around the 23rd for the scion exposed event if you want to see my car first.
60? I bought 30 and had extras.
Sorry I don't mean to take any buisness away from any shops. I just think that everyone gets overcharged on all the custom crap that shops do. I do my own custom work most of the time and I know it can cost around 1/2 of what most people charge.
i might take a ride to scion exposed to check out your ride.
Originally posted by cmlloveless@Jul 1 2005, 09:51 AM
Sorry I don't mean to take any buisness away from any shops. I just think that everyone gets overcharged on all the custom crap that shops do. I do my own custom work most of the time and I know it can cost around 1/2 of what most people charge.
I'm not a "shop," I did the mod to mine because I like red better than any other color for dash lights. It's not hard, it's just tedious except the LCD lighting is a tad on the treacherous side because the display is very fragile. We've covered all this before in a couple of good threads with lots of "how-to".
60? I bought 30 and had extras[/b]
Are you only talking about the gauges or the a/c panel too? Because when I bought a 30 set from I ran out and had to purchase another 30. I did have a few extra (maybe 5-6) cant remember. But from them you have to buy a min of 30 at a time. I replaced all the ones for the gauges (minus the ones for the gas tank, maint. req, etc.) as well as all of them in the a/c panel.

Any and all electrical work(or any custom work for that matter) can be treacherous if you don't know what you are doing. But you will never learn how to unless you give a try. You just have to be willing to live with your mistakes however costly they may be. I know all about the LCD screen seeing as how I no longer have one in my tC. But from my mistake I know how to remove it without breaking it know.
I did everything but the head unit. Those are so tiny and difficult to replace without having a deluxe soldering station that I decided to leave them alone.

I didn't change all the indicators. I only changed the illumination LEDs.
i might take a ride to scion exposed to check out your ride.[/b]
Well I will be there. But I might add there are probably going to be alot of other tc's there! But if you check out my pics you might be able to find which one is mine.

I can't get the hyper link to work for some reason so you can just search under my name cmlloveless to find the thread with pics. It is under audio/video/security and the topic title is, dropped off the car today.
I'll look for you, no sweat. How hard could looking past 400+ tCs be uh? Oh, i'll be the guy in a flint mica, hehe. I'll send you my cell, i'm really interested in changing the lights man, you have no idea how much I hate that amber color. Amber color makes me drive like i'm on anti-depressant drugs. I was thinking of red. have you seen the interior lights of the Pontiac G6. it should be good for night driving as well.
I did my buddies in red and it looks real nice. The only problem is finding a head unit that is red too. Unless that does not matter to you.
You wouldnt happen to have pics of that red intall would you? And i dont care about the HU, with the steering wheel controls, it'll be closed at night anyways. Thanks
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