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curby mishap!

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Today while coming home i took a right turn and scratched the edges of my stock rim (right rear wheel)
. There are three minor scrapes lining the edges of the wheel. Very upsetting to look at to say the least. Anyone have the same thing happened to them and if so please provide the best way to go about covering or fixing this problem. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
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How much money do you want to spend, and how mechanically inclined are you?
i have an alloy repair guy that comes out to my shop from time to time. makes banged up rims look new. my first inclination would be to look in the yellow pages for a shop that can repair alloys - but i bet lance is going to come in with a better solution. cause thats what lance does.
My ears are open, and I'm paying attention.

I've got a curb rash from the first time someone (other than Damon) moved my car for me, and some other dings that had to have come from rocks or other debris being kicked up.
It isn't hard to fix curb rash on a nude wheel. Painted ones can be a real PITA to match colors. It's just metal work and polishing.
Yeah I've got some scratches on my front wheel. Have no idea how they got there since it looks like the wheel wasn't moving when they occurred. Been too lazy to try and find someone to fix it.
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Mar 16 2005, 08:57 PM
It isn't hard to fix curb rash on a nude wheel. Painted ones can be a real PITA to match colors. It's just metal work and polishing.
Any advice it greatly appreciated.
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We can look at it when you come over to find the rattling hatch issue.
Where's my local expert? Huh?
Taking into account that you can buy stock tC wheels for less than a $100/piece it might make more sense to just get a new one from one of the "upgraders". I know Marty did that, but then we painted the scratch with my silver caliper paint and he decided to keep his new wheel in the box for a while...
Yup. A little sandpaper and some paint, and your wheel will look pretty darn good again, most likely.
Not mine.
Yours was killed by a Blazer. Paint and paper can't fix that.
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Haha..not my old one. Something got to one of my new rims.
Hey guys,

Welp, I did just that this morning. I chewed the curb pretty bad with my right front wheel. It aint just no small scratch neither........urgh...I have just had this car a month too...ah well, just a car and its bound to happen.

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Happened to me a couple months after I got mine as well -- the parking deck here at work has curbs on both sides of every exit lane, and the lane I was in is narrow and curves sharply to the right. I was pissed.
^ The same exact thing happened to me a few months ago, in a mall parking lot. My gf was in the car screaming at me as I was chewing up the curb with my rear right wheel. God some NICE scratches on that mofo. I've kinda accepted it though....I think it builds character for my tC.
Good, now I don't feel so dumb. The first week I had my car, I crunched the curb as I was trying to park close enough so that I wouldn't be sideswiped in the street. I guess I just didn't quite have a feel for where the side of my car/wheels were yet. At least, that is my excuse.
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