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Cupholder LED's

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I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong place, but I would like to install cupholder LED's, but not really sure how. I am going to purchase them from here, and would like to know if someone can point me to a link or give me a installation HOW TO. thanks
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a little help ppl
I know very little about this, but LEDs usually require resistors & there's a formula to figure out what size to use w/ a particular LED based on power supply. A quick search on Google found this page that explains how to build an LED flashlight...
i think all the LEDs in that link you posted come with built-in resistors. So just drill holes and tap into a power source, like the accessory outlet or the light in the cubbyhole. I have two of the 276-272 LEDs installed, one for each cupholder. They don't put out much light though. So if you're looking for something that glows brightly like in Scion's pics of their optional LED kit, you'll definately need more than 2
thanks guys
Don't buy LEDs from frickin' Radio Shaft...they have a VERY limited selection of electronic parts...they may be OK to grab a few resistors, small electrolytic capacitors or generic small signal switching transistors/diodes from in a pinch, but that's about it. Deal with a company like or or, better yet, someone that specializes in LEDs that can help you. You can google your way into some decent LED manufacturers/vendors.

Their soldering irons and meters are even a good Fluke meter and a temp. controlled Weller soldering station if you want good stuff...They'll last you quite a long time...'cept for the soldering iron tips and 9 volt meter batteries. Those wear out.
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wow, how bout u install em for me lol. Thanks
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