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Cruise Control Arghhh..

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ok so i was cruising home from work and enjoying my ride and i guess i got bored so i decided hey, why not try out cruise control. alright, so i'm doing 50 or so in 5th and i decide to let the car coast. i put it in neutral and its a long empty block ahead. so i'm messing around with the cruise control and i see the green cruise button. i'm moving it up and down and nothing happens. i'm like okay.. lets try again. this time i move it up and i hold it there. nothing...

...UNTIL two seconds later, my rpms go up its reving by itself and goes all the way up to redline. at this moment i was freaking out cuz it bounced off the rev limiter once and dropped back down (keep in mind that i'm only at 500 miles into the motor). i took off cruise control and drove off to park somewhere. now i was really scared something may have happened to my car. i turned the car off and parked for about 5 mins cooling off and trying to relax myself. i finally calmed down and started the car..ok everything sounds fine, feels fine, so i drive home very very easy. i get home, park, and stop the car but i didnt shut off the engine. i sat there listening to the engine popped up the hood to see if anything was wrong. (besides it being loud to me -- check my other thread --) everything seemed fine, maybe sounded a little louder, but could just be all in my head.

so anyways, what i'm wonderin is, did i harm my baby? i didnt mean to put it through that abuse. you think IF something serious went wrong i can bring it to the dealer under warranty or something. . maybe i shouldn't have made my first BRAND NEW car a stick shift. i'm still jerking the car every so often and riding the clutch quite a bit, especially on first.. still dont get smooth shifts. arghh.. i'm so pissed
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I doubt it you harmed anything. There was no load on the engine and the rev limiter is electronically limited so it's not like you hit a physical limit on the engine.

I think that since this is your first new car, you might be a little sensitive to every sound, squeek, blemish, etc. These cars are pretty tough. I'm not sure what kind of testing the engines go through at the factory (lo bux?), but I'm sure they're mostly broken in before they reach you.
I agree, there is probably no harm done. However, I have to ask, whatever possessed you to play with the cruise control while in neutral? The instructions in the manual are pretty clear: turn it on with the switch at the end of the stalk, use a downward motion to set the speed, use an upward motion to increase the speed, etc. The book is quite clear on this. You did read the book didn't you????
LOL.. sorry i didnt read the manual about all that stuff, skipped that since i NEVER used cruise control in any car i've ever driven. dont know what made me want to do it now..
I use it alot to keep from driving too conspicuously. I have a bad habit of driving faster without realizing it until I start getting official attention. Cruise keeps me out of the danger zone.
I didn't even know you could activate cruise control in neutral.
When I read "neutral" I figured bad things were happening.
i feel that.

oh, and I do love my cruise control. it is probibly because i also love to avoid un-nessassary conversation with the law.
Originally posted by lo bux racer@Mar 20 2005, 02:35 AM
I use it alot to keep from driving too conspicuously. I have a bad habit of driving faster without realizing it until I start getting official attention. Cruise keeps me out of the danger zone.
I have the same problem, especially since this car has decent pick-up. I can only imagine how bad I'd be with a Supra...
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I thought using the clutch would shut off the cruise control much like tapping the brake pedal?
It will. However, if you shift to neutral but are still rolling, and you try to set the cruise control, it might try to adjust the throttle to maintain speed, which is obviously decreasing, so the throttle will be continuously opening until it bounces off the rev-limiter. Pretty ugly scene, but survivable.
heh.. yea thats what happened. scared the heck outta me. but i'm alright now and the motor seems just fine. hopefully it'll stay that way. but c'mon now, its a toyota anyways.
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