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cracked my front bumper :(

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i JUST got the oil changed and they gave it a car wash too...

Got back home, drove it nice and slow through the parking lot and parked... Got a piece of ice stuck under the bumper and when I reversed, it caught and cracked the bumper by the driver's foglight hole. And on top of that, I had clear bra installed on the bumper and it peeled off on that spot making it even more noticeable :'(

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Living with snow and ice sucks. So does salty water from snow and ice. I love Sacto weather!
hey that does suck.. this cold weather can do a lot of nasty things.. ice even left a scratch on my windshield.. agghh.. we need spring now!

sorry to hear about your car.. only thing is insurance claim or pay for the repair on your own..
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