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I just got my car out of the shop yesterday, and they did a TERRIBLE job on the finish. It looks like they didnt let the Clear coat dry all the way before they "buffed" it. I would've gone back to the shop but I got there after dusk and didn't notice it until this morning, and I'm out of town. Assuming the worst and I have to fix it, is this the sort of thing that can be fixed with Z-5? I've got a lot of swirl marks/spider-webby looking marks from poor washing.[/b]
SLOW DOWN! If you just got it out of the shop yesterday, I wouldn't recommend using anything on it until it has had a chance to cure. Some say you can use a carnuba wax, just not a cleaner wax or paint sealant. 60-120 days is what most paint manufacturers recommend. It may be possible to bake it on, but it is still way too early to do anything.

When I was installing my amp, the power cable I was feeding through the firewall left white marks on the quarter panel everytime it touched it! Doesn't make any sense to me, since it was a clear-red cable and now I've got TONS of little white marks. Is this what a clay bar would be good for? The only discussion I've seen about clay bars seem to be with people who know what they're for; and I have no clue! Lol.. (please don't hate on me)[/b]
I'm trying to figure out how you were making contact with the quarter panel while feeding wires through your firewall
. Is it possible that you're using the wrong name for one or the other? Maybe I just don't understand what you were doing. Try these steps to remove the white marks, they are listed least aggressive to most aggressive:

Regular quick detailer with an MF towel
Cleaner wax with an MF towel
Polish with an MF towel
Clay Bar
Polish with a machine polisher

If none of these steps get the stuff off, you might be looking at new paint. My guess is that the cleaner wax will do the trick.

Go here for information, instructions, and pics on how to use detailing clay. It's great stuff and i've had good luck with the Mothers clay system available at many national retailers. Mine came from Kragen Auto Parts.

And, about microfiber towels, and wax applicators... I bought some at Target, and as soon as I tried the towels on my car after washing, they left all kinds of fibers on the car! And then, the wax applicators did the same thing! Are these things just really cheap and I should get better ones, or do they have to be machine washed first or something?[/b]
The MF towels shouldn't be leaving anything on your car when wiping, the fibers might be left over from the manufacturing process. Try machine washing them. I bought a pack of costco MF towels and machine washed them before using most of them because I found they left some sort of weird oil residue on the paint after using them. Not a big deal, but it was there. Sometimes the cottonelle applicator pads will have some fiber dusting if you dont wash them. It won't make a difference during the wax application process, but it is annoying. Chuck 'em in the wash. When washing any products used to work on your car, avoid fabric softeners since they tend to leave residue on the paint.

Speaking of Zaino, tC's DO have Clear coat, right? So would I follow Z-5 with Z-2? The Z-2 product page says it has to be flashed with ZFX... what??[/b]
We do indeed have clear coat paint. The Z2-Pro is a nice product that dry's very quickly. I didn't use ZFX or Z5 but I did use Z1 before using Z2-Pro. Remember, you only need a very slight haze on the surface of the car when applying this stuff. I've done 3 cars with my bottle so far and I dont think it has dropped more than 1/2". Z2-Pro should be applied directly on top of Z1, no need to remove the Z1. You only need to use Z1 after stripping your paint of all protectants. This includes using harsh cleaners and clay bars. What I do is apply the product to the entire car, then head on in the house for a break, 30-45 mins or so. Just make sure it has completely dried before you try removing it. It's tougher to remove when its not completely dry. It should come off with a quick swipe. I suppose you could use ZFX, it reduces the drying time of Z2. I'm not in that big of a hurry and I'm happy to wait 30 minutes instead of trying to pretend I'm a chemist and potentially wasting product. Oh yeah, Z2-Pro is the same as the Z2 posted on the site. They updated the formula sometime late last year, the biggest change I've seen is the drying time.
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