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Is this mildly in response to what I said about the turbo tC and closed loop and torque spike and break and bad things and stuff?

I was alluding to (or.. I think I may even have just said) that it'd be a result of a lack of tuning in closed loop and running 30 psi on the 2AZ. For one I bet the ringlands would crack and two I bet something else will break too. With a 100% increase being a 20% increase in stress, we'd be looking at almost 200% increase due to 30 psi boost, so almost 40% increase in stress.. I dunno.. I don't know much and the 2AZ IS pretty sturdy so perhaps we won't see critical failures?

Anyways, thanks for the correction. When I get some time I'll read the book. Just one question though, is it as interesting as The Chronicles of Narnia?


Sorry for the constant questioning.. but how's the progress on the suspension problems? I don't even know what to ask specifically because last you said something about it my head was spinning from all the new and completely unintuitive ideas.

BTW, I hate when I call people by their first names and have them not know mine.. Rick, Lance, call me Kevin
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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