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"Some on here need to do themselves a favor and read Corky Bell's book, "Maximum Boost".

It explains all about torque load increases on drivetrains, engine enternals, etc.

Basically a doubling of power from being boosted only increases the actual load at the critical position of the rod/piston/crank by 20%, which when properly tuned relates to around a 10% reduction in life expectancy of a properly tuned engine.

I forget the approximate numbers for the drivetrain but they are not that much higher than stock either, we have not heard of a broken gear box yet on a boosted tC, that I know of at least.

Broken axles, yes, drag slicks envolved, they are the real culprit here.

Most things that break are due to neglect, negligence, i.e. impoper tune, just plain bad driving.

One more point, I have already found used engines for $1k or less, taking my time 2 days to swap, working a long fast day, one day swap.

Rick "
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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