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I'm looking to start a TC club in Connecticut, Maybe hold some Import Show (With Bikini Contests!!!!), Weekly get togethers at spot around CT, cruises, BBQ's, maybe even alittle Drag Racing... if anyone live is the state and would like to join lemmie know... Tell you Friends...sooner we get started faster we can do the fun stuff....

Contact: Rob
Email: [email protected]
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hey look into scikotics. i think we have a CT club.
And if there isn't one, start it and be the president.

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start scikotics? or CTTC?
Searched didnt find anything....
i'm glad you guys are helpful here, I posted for the first time on Scion Life yesterday, and all i got was flak cause I wanted to start a TC Club in CT, people over there got serious problems....
yeah scion life can be pricks sometimes. but yeah go to or contact FrankenScion on scion life.
so you think i can start a chapter in CT?
I don't see why not, although actually finding members is hard to say considering the luck you've had so far.

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Yeah getting member will be tough, i'll give it my best shot:)
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