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Congratulations to LoopyLady (Jennifer)!

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Congrats to LoopyLady... she finally got the call to go pick up her tC!

PS- Loopy- I'm psychic
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Grats!! About time too...btw I've had mine 1week2days, and I love this car.
Congrats!! I'm glad your car finally came in!
Hey loopy, congrats! I know you've been very anxious about the wait, so finally for you it's over. Thats awesome. Enjoy the ride, and make sure you post your experiences.
congrats on taking possesion!

Hey loopylady, congrats.. i bet we don't hear from her for a couple of days!! she's playing with her new car!!

finally got it.. see I told you miracles do exist..
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True, she's abandoned us for the thing we praise here; the tC!
It's about time for her to receive it, I'm sure she's happy like heck.
WEll its about [email protected] time. CONGRATS.
|{ewlness!....Congrats Loopy!!!
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Congrads on the Car! I hope you are out enjoying it!
Wow you all...thanks so much for the all of the "grats"!!!

Yeah, I thought I'd be hard to find for the next few days too, but I partied a bit hard last night and thought I'd check out the site while I'm recouperating. Yeah, I'm definitely addicted to this darn forum....

Anyway, thanks for putting up with me during the wait! I know about 99% of my posts mentioned something about me still waiting for the darn thing....and now 99% of them will be about how much I love it!!!

I think I'm taking her on a trip this weekend, but as soon as I get some pics, I'll post 'em up!
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woo hoo.. you're finally off the "waiting" list!!! haha.. yeah i think you definitely
had me beat in the whining dept.

drive safely on your trip!!! and oh yeah.. you need to edit your signature..
to Proud not Pround owner
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Originally posted by n3ro@Jul 30 2004, 12:42 PM
and oh yeah.. you need to edit your signature..
to Proud not Pround owner
Whoops....hehe got it, thanks!
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i'll take over the whining dept. for you Loop, i'm still waiting for mine!!!
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