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Condensation in headlight assembly?

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I just picked up my flint mica tc today (yay!).

This evening while standing outside talking to my neighbor, I noticed some condensation on the back of the lens covering the headlights. It was the same pattern on both lights so I wasn't sure if it was 'frosted plastic' or not. I checked it later and the pattern got a bit smaller. I've never had headlight assemblies like the ones on this car and I'm wondering if this is normal? I know the car was washed today, but is it normal for condensation to appear on the inside of the lenses? It was delivered by truck to the dealership yesterday and I picked it up today with 6 miles on it. It hasn't been raining here and doesn't feel particularly humid outside, it was however a bit cold (Outside Temp: 56F).

Has anyone else experienced this on their cars? I'd love to hear your experiences with condensation in your headlamps, particularly on these cars.


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When I rinse my car with a hose... water seeps into the tail light... I havent checked the headlights though.
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