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Complete TC Wiring Diagram

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Radio Wiring Diagram:

For adding on line out converters (for amps on factory radios), hardwiring radar detectors or satellite radios, rewiring a headunit, etc.

12V Constant - blue
Ground - brown
Ignition - gray
Illumination - green
Power Antenna - orange
LF Speaker (+) - pink, (-) - purple
RF Speaker (+) - light green, (-) - blue
LR Speaker (+) - brown, (-) - yellow
RR Speaker (+) - red, (-) - white

Wiring Diagram for Alarms/ Remote Starts:

For installing an alarm, keyless entry, remote starter or hardwiring miscellaneous things.

12V Constant - red or white (ignition harness)
Starter - black (ignition harness)
Second Starter - green (ignition harness)
Ignition - blue (ignition harness)
Second Ignition - yellow (ignition harness)
Power Lock - green to blue (driver's kick panel, 20 pin plug) (use a mutlimeter to test this wire with the driver's door key cyliner)
Power Unlock - purple to pink (driver's kick panel, 20 pin plug) (double pulse, use a mutlimeter to test this wire with the driver's door key cyliner)
Parking Lights (+) - brown (top of fuse box, 30 pin plug)
Parking Lights (-) - brown (headlight switch)
Door Trigger (-) - orange (driver) and blue (passenger) (top of fuse box for both wires, diode isolate each)
Domelight Supervision - blue (left side of fuse box)
Trunk Trigger - purple (top of fuse box)
Trunk Release - orange (driver's kick, panel gray 12 pin plug)
Brake Wire - blue (brake pedal switch)
Parking Brake Wire - black (parking brake switch)
Tachometer - black (data link plug, or at the top plug of the ECM)

I'm a car technician at an auto shop so if u have ne questions about installs or wiring anything up, let me know n i'll be glad to help u out.
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Thought I'd spark this thread to life lol. Could you explain what double pulse locks are all about?
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