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Complete TC Wiring Diagram

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Radio Wiring Diagram:

For adding on line out converters (for amps on factory radios), hardwiring radar detectors or satellite radios, rewiring a headunit, etc.

12V Constant - blue
Ground - brown
Ignition - gray
Illumination - green
Power Antenna - orange
LF Speaker (+) - pink, (-) - purple
RF Speaker (+) - light green, (-) - blue
LR Speaker (+) - brown, (-) - yellow
RR Speaker (+) - red, (-) - white

Wiring Diagram for Alarms/ Remote Starts:

For installing an alarm, keyless entry, remote starter or hardwiring miscellaneous things.

12V Constant - red or white (ignition harness)
Starter - black (ignition harness)
Second Starter - green (ignition harness)
Ignition - blue (ignition harness)
Second Ignition - yellow (ignition harness)
Power Lock - green to blue (driver's kick panel, 20 pin plug) (use a mutlimeter to test this wire with the driver's door key cyliner)
Power Unlock - purple to pink (driver's kick panel, 20 pin plug) (double pulse, use a mutlimeter to test this wire with the driver's door key cyliner)
Parking Lights (+) - brown (top of fuse box, 30 pin plug)
Parking Lights (-) - brown (headlight switch)
Door Trigger (-) - orange (driver) and blue (passenger) (top of fuse box for both wires, diode isolate each)
Domelight Supervision - blue (left side of fuse box)
Trunk Trigger - purple (top of fuse box)
Trunk Release - orange (driver's kick, panel gray 12 pin plug)
Brake Wire - blue (brake pedal switch)
Parking Brake Wire - black (parking brake switch)
Tachometer - black (data link plug, or at the top plug of the ECM)

I'm a car technician at an auto shop so if u have ne questions about installs or wiring anything up, let me know n i'll be glad to help u out.
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ichibansf, if you want to use an after market headunit and still keep the factory amp and sub, you're going to need to rewire it to the headunit. Basically, you're going to run new wires from the factory amp and convert to RCA jacks that plug into ur sub output. Factory amps use line level outputs which mean it needs RCAs to run the signal to ne aftermarket headunit.
To answer EddyXp's pm, the speed and reverse wires are need for any navigation unit built in an in-dash monitor.

Speed - violet (behind the glove box, at the bcm)
Reverse - pink (top of fuse box, 14 pin plug)

Make sure you use a multimeter to test for these wires or your navigation will be off. The speed sense wire should send an alternating current which looks like its jumping voltage up and down the faster you drive. The reverse wire should send out 12 volts when in reverse gear.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts