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Color of tc rs 2.0

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go to:

the EXACT color of the blue text "coming soon", is the color of the car. Think Fast and the Furious styled color...street racing type. you know what I'm saying.

Went to a dealership yesterday and the guy showed me a picture of it..Looked pretty sweet!

Trying to get a pic from him, but not sure he'll release it cuz he knows I'll post it...

If he does I'll definitely post it.
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well sort of, but it's not really the exact color because the letters don't have the metallic flake in the them. So really, it's quite different. Look at latest RS2 thread to see if that's what you mean
Its the same color (according to the pic I saw yesterday) as this.

Speedway Blue
Was there any other Toyota/Lexus with the red from the RS 1.0?
Isn't it the same red as the RS xA? Both were called Absolutely Red, as I recall.
100% accurate, marty.

the closest thing toyota uses is radiant red, color code 3L5.

absolutely red is 3P0.
you got it.
Originally posted by inevitablegod@Jan 11 2006, 06:31 PM
absolutely red is 3P0.

C/L @ AcridBear's avatar
^^^ no doubt.
C3P0 was much funnier. I hate you all.
we do our best, jake, we really do.
it's the thought that counts, right?
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