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coilovers or lowering springs?

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hey whats up every body? i don't know anything really about both but i was wondering which ones would be the best to get? also i don't even know if they have coilovers for tc's yet anyway but i still would like to know which one's are a better buy. thanks for reading bring on the comments.
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What do you want to do with the suspension? Look stylish? Go fast? Both? (No, you can't do that, it doesn't work that way).

BTW, you have coilovers right now, they're called McPherson struts. What do you mean by coilover?
well what i mean by coilovers is being able to adjust my ride hight when i want or need to. but like i said i really don't know anything about this subject i'm try to pick up and learn things as i go.
OK, so you want to adjust ride height. Do you want performance, or do you want it to look good? Performance is expensive. Look good is cheap. What is your goal.
i want performance but right now i want to look good.
Buy a set of the TRD springs and have them installed on your stock dampers. It's the cheap and easy solution for "look good."

Save your money for Tein (or something better) for performance. Tein will run somewhere north of $775 depending on how much you want to spend.
On this subject could I run the H Techs on my current stock setup without having to get new shocks/struts?
thanks lo bux racer for the info. i think i'll be getting those trd springs for now but i'll up grade at a later date and time.
Originally posted by goldenchild@Mar 16 2005, 01:06 PM
On this subject could I run the H Techs on my current stock setup without having to get new shocks/struts?
Assuming they are designed to fit the OEM dampers, yes. I am not sure this is the case. However, because they spring rate on the H-Techs is greater than stock, your dampers will be working harder and will wear out faster. Welcome to high performance!
the adjustable coilovers you are talking about come in two flavors, cheap and quality. there are cheap like dropzone, and ground control that are simply a sleeve that goes over your stock strut and is adjustable. a true, quality coilover is a threaded body strut that has ride adjustment on it, like teins setup.
oh ok . thats clears up a couple of things thanks zero. i learn something new every day on this forum.
im getting springs as of now. i figure, though i will need to replace the struts, ive got some time before that comes about. i dont race, and i treat my car nicely, so springs suits me well.
well i got the trd springs cause i didn't want to miss that 125 deal that ken is giving. and maybe later i will up grade to some tein'sbut i don't know it depens on what i might get into .
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