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Hi All,

I have a 2011 scion Tc with 88k miles. I just dropped the manual transmission for a clutch replacement. I replaced the flywheel, friction plate and cover, as well as the hydraulic bearing (there is no fork in this transmission) , all with oem ASIN parts, and everything went in just fine. My problem now is with the shifting... The gears are (almost) all in the right spot, but the following occurs :

  • Shifts into 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears just fine
  • when trying to shift out of third into 4th, nothing happens even though the clutch disengages, and I can feel the shifting knob change locations. It stays in 3rd.
  • It won't change out of 3rd gear UNLESS I go directly to 6th gear, then 6th gear works, and I can shift into any other gear except 4th, which acts like neutral.
  • if I go directly to, 4th, or from 2nd to 4th, 4th acts like neutral, and I cant shift into 5th, but I can shift into 6th, which seems to reset almost everything., except the problem of shifting out of 3rd, and 4th acting like neutral. .
  • When starting out, I can't shift into R without going into 6th gear first.

I believe I have bleed the clutch Lind adequately, so I'm wondering if it's a matter of adjusting the shifter cables so they are in sync with each other?

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
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