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Climate Control

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The only thing I miss in the tC is a climate control. Lots of Toyotas have had them, basically you just set the temperature and a small computer takes care of everything else for you. The part I like best in the winter is the fan doesn't blow until there is actually some heat in the heater core, so you don't have 5 minutes of cold air before the heat kicks in.

I know it's not a big deal, but if Toyco had included it they would have nailed all the important features on my list.
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Possibly. I have had several cars with it and several w/o. I just shut off the air until it is warm enough.
My major gripe about CC is that it blows like a turbine when the car has been sitting in the sun on a hot GA day.

OTOH, what about self-locking doors and defrosting mirrors? But then if I went on, the stupid thing would run $20K. I think she is fine as she is!
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I've yet to see a "climate control" system that worked any better than the old-fashioned method of turning it on when it's too hot or cold and turning it off when it's comfortable.
Less things to break in the setup they have in there, too.
gotta love that the biggest gripe on a pre-20K car is no auto-clime.......WOW! GO SCION! Too bad it doesn't have all-wheel and navi.....oh's UNDER 20K....
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i don't think i've ever experienced climate control. all the cars i have had experience with just had temperature dials. so i can't miss what i never had. not bad.
Cold mornings? Nah, I got a remote starter installed. Now about 5 minutes before I leave, I hit my remote buttons and the car fires up for me. When I get out there it's warm. This of course assumes I had the heater on before I shut the car off.

As for climate control. I've never really liked it. Temperature is often relative. It's kinda like hopping out of the shower and heading off to get dressed. Even if you're dry, its still cold even if the house is 68 degrees.

When I had CC, I found myself still messing with temps so the benefit just wasn't there for me. I know you're not really complaining about the lack of CC, I was just adding my two cents.
i hardly ever run the AC system. at a cold start, i might let the car warm up for a few minutes, then i turn it off. even in the off position, the heating system stays on, and the air that blows in from outside is warm enough to keep the car warm.

same goes for the AC compressor. just crack the sunroof open and physics will draw the air into the car for you.

i know alot of people are picky about temperature, but i guess i adapt easily or something

btw, i'm looking forward to the forecasts for this coming weekend. highs of 77 degrees
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The CC in the Supra is excellent except one thing. When the car is hot inside it assumes it is equally hot outside and sets the recirc on. Since I always turn the A/C off, it does little to cool the car even though the Outside Air Temp (OAT) is lower than the inside of the car. It takes a couple of seconds to deal with it.

Other than that specific condition, I have it set to 77 degrees. I never touch it, and the car is always comfortable. Toyco knows how to do it right, it would have been nice on this car, but such is life when you are trying to meet a specific selling price.
I don't think I would care if it had climate control. None of my previous cars have had it, so I guess I don't know what I'm missing.

But what I would like is seat position memory for the the passenger seat...

^^yeah that would be cool, I can't do a bank robbery in the tC. j/k. Anyway I thought the same thing, but I guess it's goes the same for the passenger having knee air bags.
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