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Clifford Matrix 10.5X

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Hi everyone,

I've been looking into alarm systems for a while, and I just found a Clifford authorized dealer near my place. I called them and they have the Clifford Matrix 2.5X and 10.5X in stock for $350 and $400 installed respectively. Apparently the only difference between the two is that you can control the shock sensor with the remote on the 10.5X. Both come with shock sensor, ignition kill, keyless entry and all. Tilt, glass and proximity sensors can be added for $50 a piece.
Now here are the questions !!!!
1 - Does anybody have that system or know where I can find reviews about it?

2 - I am thinking of adding the tilt and glass sensors. Anything else (not listed here) you guys think I should include?

3 - What do you guys think of the price quote?

With that, I'll get back to work and bid you mates good day!
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Hello, I just got the Clifford RSX3.5 installed yesterday. It seems like a great alarm. Mine has the autostart feature. I went to clifford's website and I believe the 2.5x and 10.5x do not have the autostart. I figured if I was gonna pay 300 for an alarm that I might aswell pay another 125 and get it with the autostart. My friend has had the same alarm as me for about a year and its still working great. I am not sure but he might have a slightly older model.
Glad to hear it's a good alarm, I think I'm gonna go with it. Yeah, I thought about the auto-start feature, winter's around here are pretty cold so that would be nice, but I'm still not sure about it....sounds more like a gadget to me?
Anybody sees a definite advantage of having the auto-start other than defrost your car in the morning ?!?
Cool it off in the summer?
Impress your friends?
Ya, I like the fact the I can leave the heater on the night before and when I start it up a few minutes before I leave its nice and toasty when I get in. Plus my engine is warmed up. Since I got my car I have been real good about allowing it to warm up a bit Before I drive it. And during the summer, I will take advatage of the fact I can have it cooled off when I get in. Guess I am lazy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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