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Clicking noise after cold start?

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I was wondering if any TC owners have noticed the clicking/mechanical/'engaging' noise coming from under the hood? This is only audible after the start of the engine, when you first start to move. I looked it up in the owners manual and it mentions that the ABS motor engagement will make a noise. I just want to be sure that is what I'm hearing....cause it can be loud.
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My toyota supra makes that noise right after you start the car up and just start to move it sounds like a mechanical whirring sound.. vvvvrrrrrr kinda. Which is the ABS system starting up. So it might be that. I'm about to go test drive one today so ill report if i can hear it.
Just got my car back from the Dealer. Two service technicians confirmed the sound. It is the ABS motor kicking in. Thanks for responding... I'd still like to know what you think after you test drive one. I love mine...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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