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Circle in Bumper?

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what is that circle some tC's have in their front bumper and what is it for? why do some not have it?
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read the OWNER'S MANUAL.. all tCs have it and if they don't have it, it means they bumper was probably replaced somehow. the circle is where the towing thingermajigger goes. When u need to be towed by one of those crane type towtrucks, you need to remove the circle and screw in the towing harness for the tow truck to hook onto. If u dont know this with a crane type towtruck, he'll just rip off your bumper or something worse. again... try reading your owners manual!
ooo someones in for a lecture.
haha.. that's what its called
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clearly i dont have a tC thats why i not a dumbass newbie to car forums
CLEARLY it is NOT clear.. since u failed to mention that point.
half the tC's i see dont have that circle....i doubt they all got in front collisions already and got replacement bumpers
do you see that many tCs on the road? i for one have only seen about 2 since they've come out. anyways... it comes with every tC and why u didn't see it on one is something u can ask the owner if u can wave them down
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On certain colors these circles are more visible than on others. All tCs have the circles.
they ALL have them. and that's that. just hope that if you ever get a tC that you never have to use it.
They all have them. By the way, lots of other cars have them, including several BMWs...
Maybe scion will come out with a clear led circle accessory...

Originally posted by moogoo@Oct 12 2004, 10:21 AM
read the OWNER'S MANUAL..
finally sombody who understands....

eh? did i jus get complimented? if so
.. if not
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read the OWNER'S MANUAL..[/b]
again... try reading your owners manual![/b]

Damn, someone ate their bitchy-O's this morning, It was a valid question, I was actualy wondering the same thing. As obcessesd as I am I haven't read the owners manual cover to cover yet, and prefer finding my information on the internet as I have a ton of downtime at work.
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