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charlotte scion/toyota service?

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well, 3 weeks into my stay in charlotte and I still haven't found a toyota place to take my tC, too. Granted, I haven't been looking all that hard. I'm 400, soon to be 500 or 600 miles over due for an oil change and I have a few other things I gotta do at a service location (A/C's acting up, gas pumping issue people have had, and i gotta get touch up paint...people really need to learn to park down here!!). Since I'm living on campus at UNC-C, I'm trying to stay as close as possible to that area. My current understanding is that I'll have to go out to/towards mooresville? Corrections on that one? If so, where is it?

Oh yeah, we charlotte people still gotta get together sometime! I saw a flint mica tC on campus and left a note on his windshield, but it rained and I think it might of smudged...
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I bought my car at Toyota Scion of Concord. It's not too far from UNCC. It's right past Lowe's Motor Speedway towards Concord on the right near a Super Wal-mart. Then after that I think the next closest Toyota place would probably be Lake Norman Toyota on exit 23 of of 77. The service department in Concord is pretty good. I haven't taken my car there yet to get my oil change (even though I need to) but my family buys all their cars there and have taken other cars in for repairs with no problems.
sounds good. they'll honor my first 3 oil changes for free, right? Just wanted to check on this, don't wanna get in there just to leave to go to the bank for cash...
They should honor the oil changes because when I bought my car my dealers told me about the first three free changes. You can always call the service department to be sure they will honor them, 704-788-2161.
The three free oil changes are something that's included by Scion (corporate), so I'm not sure how a dealer could legitimately refuse to honor it.
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