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Changed Color...

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So I had to change my color option from Flint Mica to Silver. Apparently, the flint is in such high demand over here that the wait list just keeps growing. So I changed it to Silver Streak because that was the second option for me and it would arrive sooner. It's been two weeks since I ordered the Flint and the dealer hasn't even posted the order for it yet. WHATS THE DEAL?!!!

So now he says that since I took a more available color, I should be getting it in about 6 weeks and that he'll order it for me by the end of this week.

I know I'm just ranting and raving here, but has anyone else encountered these problems?
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I ordered black and got mine in a week...

just a heads up. I liked flint mica, too, but you might wanna take a look at other colors if you want your car sooner.
Thats kinda funny because i originally wanted the silver but switched to the flint mica so that i would get it sooner. Soooo glad I got the flint mica.
why sacrifice getting a color that you didn't want to get in the first place? just wait it out and then you know that when you get the car you will be happy because that is the color you wanted. don't settle for not being truly happy with the color of the car just because you wanted it sooner.

now if you are going to paint the car a different color anyways later then it doesn't really matter what color you get then now does it?
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Please just order the color you want... the wait is not too bad. Don't believe the dealers on the wait time because they don't know exactly themselves. It really really depends on what Scion/Toyota allocates to the dealers. They really don't have any choice. Who knows... Scion/Toyota may allocate 4 flint micas & 1 silver to your dealer because your dealer has such a high demand in that color.

My fiance and I both ordered tCs on the same day. He got a manual flint mica and I got an automatic black sand pearl. The dealer told us what he thought would happen... which was that I would most likely get my car first because manuals were hard to come by plus the flint mica color was so popular. Guess what happened... he ended up getting his 1 week before I got mine.

So to make the long story short... I'd go with the color you really want.
I waited two weeks for my tC with manual transmission. The dealer did an exchange with another dealer. Got mine last Friday! I love it!!!
The dealer asked for a second color choice, but after looking at the samples he had, I didn't want any other color. (wanted a light color for hot clime)
Grrrr... then its just me i guess.

I wanted the flint, but I also like the silver, so I can live happily with the silver.
those are my 2 fav colors... id be happy with either.

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