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center console removal

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If it's in the search menu sorry I tried. I'm wondering if any knows or have pics of the center console removal. The gaps on the hand brale suck and I dropped something in there. anyone?
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all good, thnx trd sparks for install guides (quick shifter install)
You have to remove the top part first (the silver part around your shifter). Pull at the top on the sides of the cubby hole until it pops loose, then pull on the bottom part next to the cup holders... You may need to unclip the wiring for the cigarette lighter. Once that piece is off, you can then pull up on the sides of the cup holders and it should pop off too... To remove the whole console unit, you'll need to open your armrest (bottom part), pull out fabric at the bottom & remove the 10mm bolts & the phillips head screws at the top right under the A/C controls. There are some other wiring harnesses and clips that need to be undone to get it completely apart. It all goes back together the same way - just look at where the tabs go so nothing gets bent.
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...or use the short shifter install guide

(guess we posted at the same time)
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