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Center Channel speakers

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Has anybody out there mounted one of these besides alpman's one of a kind din mounted center channel prototype (At least thats what I think it is....I cant find any info on that thing)? I'm just wondering because I see a lot of installs with the flip up or double din LCDs. I'm thinking about getting into mobile video and I was wondering if any of you out there are taking advantage of a true 5.1 (or above) setup. This sort of thing is new to me, as I have been an audio nut for a long time but have been out of the game for a while. the Center channel thing is kind of a weird deal because most of the units out there sold are of the top mount or "find some place to put it" variety (except that alpine din mount...!!!!
ALPMAN, Hook us all up with some info on that thing!) I dont want to cut holes in the center dash....alpine and pioneer seem to make some nice ones that may not look to bad sitting up will almost look like a radar detector or something. so has any body out there installed one? if so, what are the best ones in your in your opinion? how do they perform.

thanks for any replies!
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The SBS-05DC DIN sized center channel speaker is not a prototype. It is a currently available model priced at about $150. You can go to any Alpine dealer and order it if they do not have it in stock. They began shipping about a month ago and are currently in Alpine's inventory. I can give anyone a list of dealers in the Central Valley/Sac area that carry this model in stock.

I would highly recommend that you step up to 5.1 in the car. It will take you to a new level. It does take a few more $$$ to commit to your system, but once you experience "Beyond Stereo" in the car, you'll never go back! And it's not just for movies either. Remember, DVD-Audio discs also have a Dolby Digital track that is compatible w/ every DVD player ever made. I just love listening to Dave Mathews and Blue Man Group in 5.1. Words can't describe the experience and realism a good multi-channel system brings to music...especially in the car!!!
I love it when people are passionate about the products they sell.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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